Copy contact signature to Outlook, Gmail or CRM

Signus™ contact grabber is a tiny system tray application designed to copy email contact signatures to create contacts in Outlook, Gmail, SalesForce, MicrosoftCRM, and SugarCRM. People send emails with personalized signatures at the bottom of emails which include their company, position, phone number, address, web url’s such as company web site or LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter or Facebook. In majority email clients such as Outlook, Gmail or Mozilla Thunderbird you can easily create contact from email but Outlook can capture only first, last name and email. Signus is designed to recognize sender signature text and transfer all possible details into full contact record.
Take a look at typical contact signature:
Bob Gray,
Production Manager
IT Advantage LLC
355 Wide rd. Wilson Park, NY 10456
(p) 123.456.789
Jack O’Brien, CTO
IT Advantage LLC
355 Wide rd. Wilson Park
NY 10456 USA
123.456.789 Direct | 789.456.123 Mobile |
We deliver robust contact copy software!
As you can see email signatures are made of standard text lines representing name, phone, address, company, title, position etc. Normally it would take you time to copy each line into a new person switching between windows, copy paste parts, while this process can be automated. Signus goes though each line and copies it to relevant contact details field. Then via one click your new lead is created!
Signus contact grabber can search for duplicate contacts before saving, and in case of CRM you can pick existing Company or Account to link your lead to or even create a new company from your sender signature and making it a primary person.
We added a few features when creating leads such as custom field that captures Skype, LinkedIn and Facebook Url, custom mapping of fields and by clicking on text boxes Signus grabber gives you an option to select alternative text, plus full text signature can be copied into persons’s notes field. If you have online form that sends you leads Signus can grab information from it as well. And if you ever liked LinkedIn Outlook toolbar and miss its signature transfer function, Signus returns it back.

We have special versions of Signus for each popular CRM

  1. Microsoft Outlook or Outlook with Business Contact Manager (BCM)
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  4. SugarCRM
  6. Sage (Swiftpage) ACT!
  7. Sage (Swiftpage) SalesLogix*
  8. Zoho*
  9. iPhone/Android/Windows phone/tablet*

We are constantly improving quality of signature recognition and transfer process, you are more than welcome to send us most sophisticated signatures you ever received so we can improve our application further. Also you can request to add support for CRM of your choice or any other features you would like to have.

Now take a look at DEMO page or full FEATURE LIST page to get more feel how Signus work and what it can do for you, and how it can streamline simple daily CRM operations.
If you ready to start using it navigate to DOWNLOAD page.

* coming soon follow us on twitter @signusapp, or Facebook for updates.

Signus™ is a free software. Trademark is pending. Patents pending related to user interface features including context menu functionality and unique parsing algorithm.
Before use our web site please read Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Copyright © SignusApp 2013


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